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    One reason for low frame rate in many 3-D applications is that the content is using too many batches. A batch is a single collection of polygons with the same material. Each mesh is at least one batch, it can be more if you have multiple materials in the mesh. Because the materials change include communication between the graphic card and the main CPU it becomes a bottleneck if you have too many batches in your 3D application.

    How to use the BatchedGeometry node

    The BatchedGeometry node is very easy to use and can greatly help to lower the number of batches in any 3-D application. The easiest use is to simply add a batch geometry node to the scene node as you can see in the image below. When you now run the 3-D application you will see the current number of batches in the batch count field. The field region dimensions tell EON how large the maximum size of the cuboid with batches will be. For most applications you can keep the default 1000 value. What is very important to know as well is that the geometry is now static. This mean that anything that is below the BatchedGeometry sibling nodes cannot move and is not clickable. But there is a simple way to solve this. Simply add another BatchedGeometry node for each part or subtree that contain objects that should not be static. In this other BatchedGeometry will node uncheck the enabled field. This mean this subtree will be dynamic as before. Below is an image of a CAD model. What we can see here is first that the number of batches is 13 331. This is normally a too high number for any graphic card. We can also see that the draw time is 25 ms which is as well not very good. The frame right here is around 21 Hz. By adding a batch geometry node to the scene and not doing anything else the number of batches goes down to 39. The draw time here is zero which means the graphic card does not have to do much work to render the whole 3-D scene. We can as well see the frame rate increased to 47 Hz.

    More information

    To learn more about batches, search web for the document batchbatchbatch.pdf. This is a document from NVidia that describe a bit more technical details.
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