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    Basic setup of content for EON Idesk


    EON Reality supports many VR immersive devices. One of the immersive experiences that are supported is system called Leonar3Do that is branded also by EON Reality under the name EON Idesk. In order to setup and maintenance the system by the end user there are some specific technical aspects that requires some explanations. EON Idesk is the solution that support only 32bit infrastructure. In order to utilize it with EON interactive content the app must be running on 32bit version of EON software.

    Basic of connectivity

    EON Idesk uses mobile workstation and 3D passive monitor. Main connectivity for setup the system is really easy:
    1. Connect workstation with the monitor using supplied HDMI cable.
    2. Connect the base station with glasses and navigation/interaction device (bird).
    3. Connect the base station with optical tracking cameras using color code on the sensors and base station.
    4. Setup 3D monitor to use correct format of stereoscopy (usually Side-By-Side).
    5. Install EON software as presented in the next section of this article. EON Idesk (Leonar3Do) schematics

    Installation of the software

    1. EON Viewer 9.12 (32bit) EON Viewer is required as a main processing platform for software EON Creator and EON Experience Player. It is important to install EON Viewer in its 32bit version as for now this is the only one that is available and compatible with the other software.  This version of the EON Viewer can be downloaded from here.
    2. EON Experience Player 9.0 Simple browser of the content from EON Experience Portal. The latest version can be download from here.
    3. EON Creator 9.0 The latest version can be download from here.

    Setup of a stereoscopy

    Currently EON Idesk is a system that is supplied with passive stereoscopic 27" monitors. The monitor support many 3D projection formats. The suggested format to use on the monitor is Side-by-Side (or sometimes called also Left/Right).[reference to article about stereoscopy types] The monitor is connected via HDMI cable to the computer that sends the stereoscopic content to it in compatible format. It is then important that the simulations are displayed also in the same 3D format as the TV.
    Stereoscopic settings in EON Viewer
    To setup the correct stereoscopic projection format within EON Experience Player and EON Creator you should follow this simple procedure
    1. As booth EON Creator and EON Experience Player based on EON Viewer 9.12 (32bit) first you would need locate the responsible instance of an EON Viewer software. If installation of the software where done with default settings the path should be looking this C:\Program Files (x86)\EON Reality\EON Viewer\Bin\EONViewer.exe. In some cases the link to EON Viewre 9.12 can be found via Windows start menu system.
    2. Open EON Viewer by selecting EONViewer.exe file. EON Viewer 9.12 should be presented.
    3. Select menu Tools --> EON Configuration... to display the basic EON Simulation Configuration dialog box.EON Viewer  EON Simulation Configuration
    4. Within the EON Simulation Configuration dialog box please select Settings: Render and press Edit button to open dialog box that allow user to adjust the rendering preferences.
    5. Within Render Properties dialog box select Stereo Settings... button at the bottom of the window. A floowing window should be presented. Stereo Setting Window
    6. From available Stereo modes please select Left/Right format. Important: This needs to be compatible with the way 3D monitor is setup to display stereoscopic content.
    7. Confirm all the dialog boxes by pressing Close or OK buttons.
    Stereoscopy within EON Studio
    The process of configuration stereoscopic projection of EON Studio based simulation is very similar to the one in EON Viewer. Important is to use EON Studio in version that is 32bit as the Leonar3Do hardware is compatible with that platform. At the time of preparing this article the latest version of EON Studio 32bit that content can be created and played on EON Idesk was EON 9.6. The only difference when EON Studio to running stereoscopic content is to use menu Simulation --> Configuration...  to open settings for for rendering and stereoscopy. The correct format of the projection is available when simulation is running in full screen mode CTRL+F shortcut.

    EON Idesk with EON Experience Player

    EON Experience Player is a tool that allow to browse the interactive applications from the online library called EON Experience Portal. On standalone computer without immersive hardware connected content will present without any template injection. When the computer is connected to EON Idesk software will automatically apply special template to support all major functionaries of that system with the interactive content.
    1. Drag&Drop an *.eop file into the EON Experience Player window.
    2. Download and installation of the template for the system will start automatically.
    3. After completed the content and the template will be displayed in the stereo format that is configured within EON Viewer.

    [image of the content and user in 3D]

    EON Idesk with EON Creator

    In similar way as it was explained for EON Experience Player also EON Creator (Pro) allow users to browse but also design 3D educational focus interactive application. Any content that is produced by EON Creator using own models or models imported from the online EON Experience Portal can be presented in this immersive environment that EON Idesk is.

    EON Idesk with EON Viewer

    End users can run any bespoke made application on EON Idesk by using EON Viewer software. Any 32bit version of EON Viewer can run the content developed for EON Idesk. The latest version of the 32bit EON Viewer is available here. It is important to make sure that EON Viewer used to open EON Simulation file (*.eoz or *.edz) is compatible with that version of the simulation. More about checking the version of the simulation can be found here.

    Development for EON Idesk with EON Studio

    EON Studio as main authoring software have multiple nodes and prototypes that support the processes of interactive content creation and deployment for many immersive systems. Please see help of EON Studio or read this article [Nodes and prototypes used in development for EON Idesk] to learn more about this process.


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